Grammys 2024: Tyla's "Water" Propels Her to Global Stardom

BY GKT - Friday 2, February 2024

As we gear up for the highly anticipated 2024 Grammy Awards, it's time to explore the nominated songs in the newly introduced Best African Music Performance category. Kicking off this series is Tyla's sensational hit, "Water."

African music has been making significant waves globally, with the rise of Afrobeats capturing the attention of listeners all over the world. The inclusion of a dedicated Grammy category for African music further solidifies its importance in the global pop music landscape. This year, five exceptional songs have been nominated for Best African Music Performance: Tyla's "Water," Ayra Starr's "Rush," Burna Boy's "City Boys," Davido's "UNAVAILABLE," and Asake & Olamide's "Amapiano."

Taking a closer look at Tyla's massive hit, "Water," it becomes evident that this song has played a pivotal role in propelling her towards global superstardom. Tyla Seethal, a South African artist, burst onto the scene with her debut single, "Getting Late." The song showcased her undeniable talent and combined pop gloss with club-ready amapiano beats to create a unique and infectious sound.

The success of "Getting Late" set high expectations for Tyla as an emerging artist. However, she took her time to carefully develop her craft and build upon her initial success. It was not until 2023 when she released the ubiquitous anthem, "Water," that she truly skyrocketed to fame.

"Water" is a testament to Tyla's growth as an artist. While it maintains elements reminiscent of her earlier work, it showcases a more refined sound that demonstrates maturity and artistry. The song revolves around sexual desire from a woman’s perspective—a refreshing approach that resonates with listeners worldwide.

With its instantly memorable hook—"Make me sweat, make me hotter / make me lose my breath, make me water"—the song demands attention and invites women to confidently embrace their desires. Set against shimmering keys and bouncy percussion patterns infused with log drum embellishments, Tyla effortlessly navigates between fluttery falsetto runs and smooth melodies.

Furthermore, dance plays an integral role in Tyla's artistic expression. Influenced by the Bacardi dance trend characterized by vibrating hips and winding waists—a movement deeply rooted in South African culture—Tyla incorporates these sensual moves into both her performances and music videos.

The impact of "Water" cannot be understated—it has propelled Tyla into global music discourse. Her nomination for Best African Music Performance at this year’s Grammys serves as validation for her incredible talent and sets the stage for even greater achievements on an international scale.

As we eagerly await the outcome at this year’s Grammys ceremony, there is no doubt that Tyla is firmly on track towards achieving global superstardom—a well-deserved recognition for an immensely talented young woman making waves in African music.

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